Zootown Coffee - Now serving local roasters Black Coffee Company!!

Zootown Brew is happy to announce we are now serving local roasters Black Coffee Roasting Company!  We will be french pressing two kinds of their fresh roasted blends every hour as well as selling it retail in 12oz bags.  

A smaller roasting company has his benefits including getting the best quality, best-roasted beans, as soon as they are ready!  They use some of the finest Arabica beans known to man in order giving every cup a high end well roasted taste.

Our menu is a traditional menu without all the fluff.  We believe people know what they like in a fine latte, cappuccino, espresso, or traditional drip.  Since we serve only the best-roasted coffee we strive to give you the best-flavored cup in Missoula.  We also have many seasonal drinks and a few special house recipes we would love to have you try.

We have to warn you though; our coffee is not for the faint of heart.  Each drink comes with two shots since we don't believe in "saving" shots for the next customer.  All our drip brew is frenched pressed and made fresh at least every hour insuring that no matter what your price range or favorite drinks are they will be the best. 

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