Latte Art Throw Down: Rules

Signups will start at 7pm, first pour will start at 7:30pm. The $5 buy in is added to the prize pool, which will go to the Latte Art Champion. Prizes for top three winners will also include phenomenal schwag and product from our sponsors: Espresso Parts, Olympia Coffee, Acaia Scales, Hero Coffee Works, and Zootown Brew.

After the brackets are set, pairs of baristas will compete at the same time. Baristas will produce one free-pour latte drink to present to the judges. Espresso shots will be pulled by a non-competing barista provided by the sponsor location. Brackets will be single elimination.

Baristas will present their latte art to the judge, after a short time of deliberation, the MC will count to three and all three judges will simultaneously point to the drink they think is the best of the pair. That drink will be the winner and that barista will advance to the next round. Judges will have the following criteria in mind as drinks are judged: contrast, symmetry, balance and beauty.

You must use the on-site Synesso Cyncra espresso machine, Olympia Coffee Espresso in the supplied grinder, whole milk from Kalispell Kreamery, and the provided 8oz latte cups.

In addition to the above-required tools, Zootown Brew will provide 8oz and 12oz straight-walled frothing pitchers. Participants are allowed to bring his or her own pitcher and/or other items not on the required list.

The final two baristas will face off in the championship round with best two out of three pours to determine the Missoula Latte Art Champion.